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Agent-based Campaign issue


system : UCCE 7.0.2, CVP 7.2.5

my customer compalined  from the  work flow of agent campains; that the system reserved the agents  and then connect him/her with customer ,but some times the customer is busy or not available ,so the customer note is why the system reserve the agent if the call don't complete successfully ,and his questionis  : can the system reserve the agent just in case the customer is available ,otherwise drop the call to keep the agent free fro next succesful calls??

I'm personally answered him that the  logic of agent campain work flow is :reservation and then dialing to customer and we can't do what you want.Am I right or there is workaround for that?

your help is highly appreciated,


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Re: Agent-based Campaign issue

If I understand this correctly, the customer is complaining of long reservation times. As you know, the dialer

first reserves an available agent and then dials customers. You will see better agent experience if you narrow your SQL statement to affect more hits - eg dial work number only during the day time and home number late afternoon.


Re: Agent-based Campaign issue

When the dialer knows the agent is reserved it, launches 1 or more calls up to the max lines per agent configured in the Campaign. If it is power dialing, the number is fixed; if it is predictive dialing, it tries to choose a number as high as it can (up to max lines) to try to give the best performance and least number of nuisance calls.

If it launches more than 1, it is overdialing, rolling the dice on the no answer, busy and answering machines of this world. If you are feeling lucky, increase the number of individual customer calls it launches by cranking up max lines.

The problem is those nuisance calls. How are you handling them?

If you are very sensitive to making nuisance calls, and have to turn the Dialer way down, then agents will wait a long time. You might find it better to run in preview direct, for at least the agent will hear ring back etc.



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Re: Agent-based Campaign issue

Many thanks,i will try


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