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Agent Based Routing & Contacts Handled Stats

Hello All,

I have a simple queue with 10 agents in it which has been routing to the longest available member of the queue. I have now had to modify the script to play a menu prompt at the start which gives callers the choice to select an option (1-9) based on the first letter of their last name which will route to a specific agent that handles those last names (If the specified agent is unavailable the calls will still route to the queue and select the logest available agent). Within the menu options for each number selected I have a Get User step followed by a select resource step within the Succesful branch of the Get User step. In the select resource step the connected branch is a "set contact info" step marked as handled. The calls get redirected fine to the specified agents but since the call is being routed via Resource and not CSQ the calls do not show in the CSQ as a handled call - since it never techincally hits the CSQ it never gets recorded by the CSQ stats. Is there a step I can use to still route via resource but show the call as handled by the CSQ


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Agent Based Routing & Contacts Handled Stats

Not really, but what you could do rather than sending the call to a resource define a separate CSQ for each agent (option) and select that CSQ rather than resource. 



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Agent Based Routing & Contacts Handled Stats

Thanks Chris,  I appreciate the response. I was afraid that was the case - was just looking for a way to keep it clean with the one queue.

Happy Holidays!


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