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Agent Callbacks (UCCX 8/9/10)

What's the best way handle a follow-up callback from a client to an agent?   Is there a method to queue the call to the agent DN, or is it best to ring a personal DN then route to VM if agent is unavailable?



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I actually believe that the

I actually believe that the specific agent should never get a call back. Afterall it is an ACD group. Hand out the group call back number so that a live agent gets a call.

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I'll agree in practice, but I

I'll agree in practice, but I'd like to give my client an option. Any creative approaches to make it work?

For example a caller has been given the agents DN. Forward busy on external can route to a UCCX app that grabs the called number and queues the call for the specific agent.



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Creative option that you

Creative option that you might try, before the queue, give the customer the option of trying the agents extention, or go to the queue.

if there is no answer on the agents extension, redirect them to the queue.

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