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Agent did not record for few days UCCX-QM


We faced an issue where in one particular agents call did not get  recorded, when i checked the agent logs I see the below message  continuously.

  DEBUG0x95cUploadCommunicator.cpp1535 UploadCommunicator::agentRequestsThread: Wait statement timed out. Checking for expired objects.

Would like to know what does this error message convey.

The same agent had started recording once we restarted the machine.




Agent did not record for few days UCCX-QM

Hi Vinay,

As per the logs its missing the heart beat and in order  to record  QM need to get three heartbeats.So that could be the reason QM not able to record for this Device.



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Re: Agent did not record for few days UCCX-QM

Hi Gnan,

What could cause the missing heartbeat, as there was no changes made to the QM server.

I have attached the logs for your reference.



Agent did not record for few days UCCX-QM

Hi Vinay,

Desktop recording fails

Symptom. No recording files are in the C:\Program Files\Common\QM\Recordings folder on

the desktop where recording is failing.

Solution. Check the following list for possible causes and solutions:

• Verify that the DNS is configured to resolve IP addresses and host names. From the

PC where desktop recording is failing, run the command ping -a

IP address>. If the ping cannot resolve the IP address, then neither can the

Desktop Recording service. Configure the DNS so that host names and IP addresses

are resolved.

• Verify that the Desktop Recording service is running.

• Verify that the phone and PC is correctly daisy-chained. You must directly connect

the IP phone to the Ethernet jack. Connect the PC to the phone’s PC port. Enable the

phone’s PC port.

• Verify that the client PC is connecting to SQL database. The sqmservice.dbg has a

statement should contain the following statement:

Connected to service at


• Verify that you entered the correct information for Unified CM in the Cisco Unified CM

or window of the Configuration Setup tool.

• Verify the following messages appear:

– In the ctiservice.dbg log—MAC not in domain.

address>.com.calabrio.sqm.ctiservice.CtiException: Specified MAC not in

domain: .

– In the sqmservice.dbg on the agent’s PC—The MAC address

address> is not associated with the JTAPI user.

• Verify that you connected the Quality Management CTI service to the Unified CM CTI

Manger by looking in cti.dbg for the following message:

SQM CTI Service ready.

• Verify that the phone is configured in Unified CM according to the Installation Guide.

Action. If the phone is configured correctly and the problem still exists, try the following.

• Use a packet capture tool (for example, Wireshark) to verify that the phone is

forwarding RTP and phone protocol (SCCP or SIP) traffic to the NIC card on the client


• Verify the Inclusion List node under Site Configuration in Quality Management is

configured correctly. See the Administrator User Guide for more information.

For more troubleshooting tips you can refer the below link,


Hope it helps.


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Agent did not record for few days UCCX-QM

One thing to consider also is that if the agent is recording to their desktop, but the recordings are not making it to the server, make sure the agent's PC is on during the upload time.  In other words, if recordings upload to the server at 8pm, make sure that the user doesn't have their PC turned off during that time, or the files won't upload to the server.

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