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Agent Email Requeuing Priority

Hey, everyone!

Does anyone know the answer to this: If there are multiple emails in a queue, and an agent requeues an email, does that email go to the bottom of the stack, or does it get requeued to the top for the next agent to handle?


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Agent Email Requeuing Priority

Agent E-Mail Routing Expectations

Agent E-Mail manages the distribution of e-mails to agents based first on the time an agent entered queue, and then on the time an e-mail entered queue. The agent in queue the longest is distributed the oldest e-mail from that agent’s assigned queues, using a first-in-first-out (FIFO) distribution method.

The agent in the queue the longest is routed the oldest e-mail found in all of the agent’s assigned queues. In the event no e-mail is found, the agent is moved to the end of the queue. The agent is not eligible to receive an e-mail again until the agent reaches the front of the queue. If an agent supports multiple e-mail CSQs, the oldest e-mail in those CSQs is routed to the agent.

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Agent Email Requeuing Priority

Thank you, Saeed.

Just a clarification, please. Let's say we have 3 emails (email1, 2, and 3), and the emails arrived in that order. If email1 is requeued, is it still considered "older" than email2 and email3 even though it has been requeued?


Agent Email Requeuing Priority

Shawn, if an agent requeues email 1, it's no longer email 1 (highest priority) because of FIFO, thus, email 2 and 3 will come through first after email 1 has been requeued. When an agent transfers email back to the queue, the routing is FIFO based unless you are passing call variables based in which you can reprioritize those emails in your script. If it is a transferred email, you may want to assign the highest priority so that it gets priority over FIFO and other emails.

Call Variables page 17:

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