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Agent goes to Not Ready/Reserved state after finished a call


I have an issue with my UCCE 9.x. Sometimes when an agent finish a call the state changes to Not Ready and then when he tries to change to Ready the state changes to Reserved and  CTIOS is freezed. The only solution is close and reopen CTIOS Agent Desktop but this is not normal.

I have:


CUCM 9.1

UCCE 9.0(2)

I hope you can help me.


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happening randomly on random

happening randomly on random agents? or any slecific patterens?


New Member

Hi ChintanI have two

Hi Chintan

I have two campaigns, the first campaign has SCCP CIPC and in this campaign this is not happening.

My second campaign has SIP CIPC and in this campaign that's happening randomly on random agents but there are agents more affected for this issue.

I decided deploy SIP CIPC because the SRND says that SIP is the only supported protocol but I have this issue. 

I hope you can help me.


sorry but i have gone throuh

sorry but i have gone throuh the outbound option, and never came through section where it says SIP phones are preferred over SCCP.

cisco does not recoment to use CIPC on outbound setup.

but CTIOS freezing looks like some different issue.

here are few questions from my sode:

1.what outbound mode you are using?(predictive,progressive,preview)

2. when you say CTIOS freeze, is it CTI toolkit which grays out or just reservation call appears too long?

3. when CTIOS freezes, is agent able to drop reservation call?

4. what if you use SCCP CIPC? because SIP has some MTP consideration (page 35,ucce srnd 9.0)





New Member

Hi ChintanSorry I think that

Hi Chintan

Sorry I think that I used "campaign" wrong, all my agents are inbound but I have the first team in SCCP and the second team in SIP.

I toke my decision to deploy the second team based on this lines:

"CCE supports all the phones that Unified CCE supports, as long as the phone supports the Built-in Bridge (BIB), CTI-controlled features under Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) control.

The multiline phone feature is supported.

Video option and Skinny Call Control Protocol (SCCP) phones are not supported."


If you recommend that, I will change all my phones to SCCP  my only concern is If I have Cisco Support with SCCP on  all my CIPC.



sorry but once agin i went

sorry but once agin i went throgh srnd, but could not find above notes.

on this best you check with Cisco that what are their thoghts on using SIP in plcae of SCCP phones.


now coming to the issue :

this call is not from outbound campaign? the calls are coming inbound say from CVP?

New Member

 Hi ChintanOk I will ask to


Hi Chintan

Ok I will ask to Cisco about that topic.

Now no, it is not an outbound cmpaign. And yes the calls are coming inbound by CVP.

This is my call flow:

PSTN ---E1 R2---> GW ----SIP--->CVP--SIP-->GW--SIP-->CUCM--SIP--> CIPC

If you need more info please ask me.


CTIOS server logs and Client

CTIOS server logs and Client logs for incident.

also whaen you say CTI Tool kit freezes, is it that totally grayes out and doesnt allow any agent function?

also is it any specific patteren or random behaviour?


this all information will help to find configuration issue or application level issue.





New Member

Hi ChintanThe News are that

Hi Chintan

The News are that the issue now is in SCCP too, all my CCE have this issue.

Attached the CTIOS logs and Client logs and screenshots. 

CTIOS Agent Desktop works fine.

The issue is in this order:

1. Agent finish a call.

2. Agent state changes to Not Ready

3. Agent press button Ready

4. Agent state changes to Reserved instead Ready

5. CTIOS works normally but always in Reserved state and agent does not receive any call.

The error was at 12:35 pm 


i will try to look at the

i will try to look at the logs.




I got some time to go through

I got some time to go through the logs.

 i see agent state has changed to not ready with reason code 32767.

08/08/14 12:34:09.798  3864  CTIOSSoftphone  Thd(3396)  CCtiOsSession::OnEvent( eAgentStateEvent ), EnablementMask = c1b0010
08/08/14 12:34:09.798  3864  CTIOSSoftphone  Thd(3396)  CCtiOsSession::OnEvent, (PrphID:5000 PrphTyp:17 AGState:eNotReady SG#:40106 SGID:5000 StateDur:0 SGPri:0 EvtRsnCode:32767 SGState:2 SessID:0 MRDID:1 ICMAGID:5124 AGMode:1 MaxTaskLim:1 NumTasks:0 AGExt:2192 AGID:278 AGInstr:2192 CTIClntSig:CTIOSServer Msk:0xc1b0010 UniqObjID:agent.5000.278 MsgID:eAgentStateEvent DvrKey:agent.5000.278 IncOrOut:21327 WrpupOKEnbl:1 AGAvailStatus:0 MskExt:1)


the reason code gets set when "redirect on no answer" occures, i know it as RONA.


Q 1>  how your solution is configured to handle RONA? i understood that you are using CVP, correct?

RONA in CVP is configured differently than in normal environment, you have to use Router Requry there. there are some good post on this topic, you may want to read those.


Q2> I see in the logs that, agent is trying to do singlestep transfer on two DN's

"2193" and "2194", so what are this DN's?

Q3> how many lines a Agents phone is configured with?




New Member

Hi ChintanI opened a Cisco

Hi Chintan

I opened a Cisco TAC and my issue is because the CIPC have an error.

The call is sent to an agent but the agent line is busy.

Cisco TAC is still working in this issue.


New Member

Hello,What was the workaround


What was the workaround for this case? I'm running into the same issue where RONA is working fine except if the call was sent to a busy agent (handling another call with another extension), the line rings endlessly, the call doesn't get re-queued if the agent didn't answer and the agent state becomes not ready after the caller hangs up.

Your feedback is greatly appreciated.

Thank you.


New Member



Can you share the details of how the issue is solved. I have the same issue now with SCCP CIPC.

CAD changes to Reserved but no calls in CIPC and then the CAD freezes.



New Member



Check if the SIP trunk has the correct CSS that contains the partition that includes the CIPC extension.



New Member

All the configurations are

All the configurations are fine. It happens random to all the agents.

What we found is its happening to the agents in one floor and we spoke to network team and no issues with the Network part.

is there any logs I can enable and check if any.



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