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Agent in multiple queues

Is it possible to have an agent choose the queue he/she logs into?  I know it can be done on a Nortel BCM but not sure about UCCX.  If it is possible, how does that work?  ie. does the agent see a list of choices in a drop down menu or???

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Agent in multiple queues

UCCX has the concept of Contact Service Queues.

Contact Service Queues select from available agents based on one of 2 parameters:

  • Resource Group
  • Resource Skill: with skill levels from 1 to 10.

Each agent can be added to one resource group, and can have multiple skills.

Thus, an agent can be present in 1 Resource Group CSQ, and multiple Resource Skill CSQs.

Agents cannot choose to log in to different CSQs. The closest: in UCCX 9.0+, supervisors can dynamically re-skill agents using the Mobile Skill Manager: http://UCCX/mobileskillmanager/

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"Protocol, then product"

Thanks & Regards, Anirudh "Protocol, then product"

Agent in multiple queues

Your best bet is to have multiple logins depending on which CSQ you want answered.  No ideal and it makes reporting a pain, but would accomplish exactly what you're looking for.


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