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Agent Phone keep ringing after the network trasfer


We are working on UCCE version 11.0(2),  We have following scenario that is not working fine.

1. Call lands to the agent successfully,

2. Agent transfers the call to the supervisor using the CTI route point,

3. once the call is transferred, customer and supervisors connects with each other.

4. Now, call from the agent phone should be disconnected.

5. but agent phone keeps ringing and agent have to disconnect the call manually.

Any suggestions please.




Can you please elaborate detailed call flow?

I did not understand which phone here still keeps ringing?supervisor phone?

or its the agent keep hearing the ring while transferring the call?

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Hi Chintan,

Hi Chintan,

Its the agent phone which keeps ringing after call is transferred.  Customer and supervisors are connected with each other.

then agent have to disconnect the call manually, but Normally call should be disconnected automatically once the call is transferred using the CTI route point to another script.

Please see the reference

Call Transfer From Agent to Agent When a call is transferred from Unified CVP to an agent, and that agent wants to transfer the call to another agent, the agent can make the transfer using either the agent IP phone or agent desktop. Transfers from the Configuration Guide for Cisco Unified Customer Voice Portal, Release 10.0(1) 8 Transfer and Queue Calls with Unified CVP Example: Network Transfer Script IPphone are made using CTI route pointsthat point to a Unified ICME script. Transfersfrom the agent desktop are made using the Dialed Number Plan. For network transfer from either the IP phone or CTI OS Agent Desktop, you must Queue the call to skill group in the first Unified ICME script, for example "NetXfer1", to create the call context. In this script, the "networkTransferEnabled" flag must be set to "1". Note The NetworkTransferEnabled setting must explicitly be set to 1 in all postroute scripts.

No the thing i don't

No the thing i don't understand is,

With agent transferring call to supervisor, the inbound call is already answered.

how it can be still ringing? are your agent transferring incoming ringing calls to supervisor or they first answer the call and then transfer?

or is it the call leg is not getting clear from agent phone and desktop after agent transfers the calls to supervisor?

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Yes agent first answer the call, then he transfer the call to another agent/supervisor using the CTI route point. then call is transferred successfully, but from the agent's phone call is not disconnected. He will listen that phone is still ringing/ring back/busy tone(). its something like that, i don't know how to explain it.

ok now i get it, does

ok now i get it, does supervisor and caller connects successfully?

What desktop you are using? finesse, CAD or CTI toolkit?

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Yes Supervisor and Caller

Yes Supervisor and Caller connects successfully, We are using Finesse IPPA feature for login.

whats the version of finesse

whats the version of finesse,CUCM and CVP?

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We are using  Finesse, CUCM

We are using  Finesse, CUCM and CVP version 11.0 and ICM 11.0 (2).

Have you added the agent

Have you added the agent phones under Application user for Finesse IPPA service?

So i was trying to replicate what you are seeing on transfers, one thing i found was:

when the network transfer is enabled and using Finesse IPPA you try to transfer caller to CTI route point which invokes a network transfer enabled script,

The agent phone for me shows busy signal over the phone after the transfer is complete but the call transfers successfully. The busy signal/reorder tone goes after sometime but can also be cleared manually.

so you have three options here:

1) disable network transfer(use normal transfer) if really not needed to continue using CTI Route point for transfer function.

2) if you really want to use the Network Transfer feature, instead of CTI Route point use a Route Pattern which maps to CVP DN and invokes same network transfer script.

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Hi Chintan,

Hi Chintan,

Thanks for the update, actually it is the customer requirement so, we have to follow it. it might be a bug. Cisco Engineering team is working on this issue. i will update once i get its solution.

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