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Agent reserved state

Hello. Is available CUCM 4.3(2)sr1b and UCCX Enhanced 6.0(1)sr01. Periodically (1-3 times a day) agents pass to  reserved state and can be in reserved state different time. Forum messages on a theme are seen, but the problem remains.

I give an example. CallID - 26248, agent - 1004. The agent remained in reserved state 0:02:06 AM.

19438482: Sep 04 16:20:14.729 MSD %MIVR-SS_TEL-7-UNK:CallID:26248 MediaId:125034/1 Task:21000060839 waiting for consultative transfer or conference to finish before transferring to extn: 1004, transferStart=true, conferenceStart=false, termConnState=4, disconnected=false

19438704: Sep 04 16:21:15.603 MSD %MIVR-SS_RM-7-UNK:checkContacts(), agent's Reserved duration:60874 Threshold:20000

19438928: Sep 04 16:22:20.602 MSD %MIVR-SS_RM-7-UNK:checkContacts(), agent's Reserved duration:125873 Threshold:20000

19438929: Sep 04 16:22:20.602 MSD %MIVR-SS_RM-3-CLEANUP_STUCK_CONTACT:Removed stuck contact: The name of the method that invoked another method=125034/1
19438930: Sep 04 16:22:20.602 MSD %MIVR-SS_RM-7-UNK:Processing msg: SessionCancelledMsg (Rsrc:125034/1 Cause:SESSION_CANCELLED_CAUSE_CONTACT_DROPPED)

19438990: Sep 04 16:22:20.602 MSD %MIVR-SS_RM-7-UNK:Rsrc: Operator4 New State:AVAILABLE Old State:RESERVED Reason code:0

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