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Agent Screen Pop

  Hello,  I have a screen Pop setup for Agents.  It currently displays 2 items of information "Caller ID" of inbound call.  And on the script the call hits, what I fill in for Value next to "=Set".  

Is there a way i can change the Pop up from showing the "=Set" info And show the "Display" info Of the Telephony trigger?

I have over 20 triggers hitting same Script, but would like the agent to know specifically what trigger(toll free number) the caller rang in on....


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Agent Screen Pop

Answer is assuming CCX 8.5 since you failed to specify.

I have no idea what you mean by "=SET".  Enterprise Data in CAD is entirely up to you though. You can get the Trigger Name using the Get Trigger Info step, store it to a String-type variable, and then use that in your Set Enterprise Data step. Presumably you would use an ECC variable that you have created within Desktop Administrator and added to the Layout List that you want to use. More detail here:

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Agent Screen Pop

Thank You for the info.

I went thru the programming of Scipt/CDA and I was able to have the "Trigger" number pop up but, not the name.  I did this using "Call Variable 3"

When i programmed the "user.layout" it came up blank.

I will continue to scan programming.

Seems to be one of 2 items in Script  "Get Trigger info",  and "Set Enteprise Call Info"  Or the CDA  where i am missing a step

Currently using UCCX 5.0

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