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Agent_Skill_Group_Half_Hour and Termination_Call_Detail

When I take the calls answered per agent from Termination_Call_Detail and match it with calls answered per agent from Agent_Skill-Group_half_Hour tabe, the total dont match. The column I am taking from Agent_Skill-Group_half_Hour tabe is CallsHandledToHalf. Can someone pls comment on this. And also any explanations as to how cisco does the accumulation in Agent_Skill_Group_half_Hour tabe will be very helpful.

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Cisco Employee

Re: Agent_Skill_Group_Half_Hour and Termination_Call_Detail

There are likely to be a couple of different reasons here for the delta.

The Termination_Call_Detail record is cut when the call ends. The call is pegged as answered in the half hour when the call was answered. If the call bridges the half hour boundary, then some calls will be counted as answered in one half hour, but the TCD will be in the next half hour.

The other thing to look at is how are you counting a call as answered in the TCD? It may be you are ignoring some CallDispositions or attributes where the call was really answered. The more reliable method is to use a where clause that checks TalkTime > 0 and AgentSkillTargetID > 0.

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