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Agent State Delayed

I received the following from one of my users and am at loss to explain it, any help would be greatly appreciated. It should be noted that this is occuring on multiple IPCC qeues and applications, but all on the same IPCC Express server.

IPCC 4.5(2)

"Im having some problems with the call agent software…it is extremely latent.

Whenever I change state it takes about 30 seconds before the tool responds. Also when it changes state automatically (ready to talking or talking to work to back ready, for example) the software doesn't recognize that change right away.

This started happening yesterday, but I assumed it was a machine issue and ignored it, but I am still having the problem today.

I am the only one up here that uses the agent software on my PC...but Aaron said he has problems changing state on the phone too….it just sits there saying “requesting” and then he gets an error saying “your request to the ipcc express server timed out”."


Re: Agent State Delayed

Could you pls run PostInstall.exe from Agent desktop and specify the correct IPCCX Server1 and IPCCX2 if any.

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