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Agent stay in "Reserved" status forever

We have a new call centre running IPCC Express. There are 12 agent in total. One agent will be staying in "reserved" status forever once the incoming call is being routed to her. She is not able to take the call as all icons are greyed out.And the incoming call just stuck in the queue.

We did lots of test, eventually we found the problem looks like is related this user domain account. The problem always happenning on the PC she logged in. The system administrator told me that the only difference of this user is that she is using roaming profile because she used to work at another office.

Administrator has recreated the roaming profile, I will test it again tomorrow.

Have you met the similar issue before? Thanks,


Re: Agent stay in "Reserved" status forever


Make sure that there is not any unsupported configurations for this agent as per the release notes. The Roam domain account would not be related to this issue.


Unsupported Configurations for Agent Phones

The following configurations are not supported for agent phones:

* Two lines on an agent's phone that have the same extension but exist in different partitions.

* An ICD extension assigned to multiple devices.

* Configuring the same ICD extension in more than one device profile. (Configuring an ICD extension in a device profile is supported.)

* In the Cisco CallManager Administration Directory Number Configuration web page for each ICD line, setting Maximum Number of Calls to a value other than 2.

* In the Cisco CallManager Administration Directory Number Configuration web page for each ICD line, setting Busy Trigger to a value other than 1.

* Configuring a Cisco IP Phone with SRTP on.

* No Cisco Call Manager device can be forwarded to the ICD extension of an agent.

* The ICD extension of an agent cannot be configured to forward to a Cisco CRA route point.

* Use of characters other than the numerals 0 - 9 in the ICD extension of an agent.


If the configuation for this agent is ok, then open a TAC case and provide MIVR logs with Debug Levels SS_TEL, SS_RM, SS_CM, SS_RMCM & JTAPI traces. Call Manager traces may also be needed.



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Re: Agent stay in "Reserved" status forever

I have had this problem a couple of times and it appeared to be with RMUSER. What I did was disassociate the device from RMUSER, delete the user from Call Manager, add the user back to Call Manager, associate the device to the user, then associate the device back to RMUSER. Then do the appropriate set up in IPCC.


Re: Agent stay in "Reserved" status forever


Check out the following Tech notes

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