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Agent Team Statistics summary display - CUIC



We are using ICM8.x and trying to get the data that will display in Cisco Supervisor Desktop as Agent Team Statistics summary display and display them as a report in CUIC tool. Can some give me an idea of how to achieve that in report Definition. Please post If any anybody already have report definition for that .






Can you be a little more

Can you be a little more specific? What statistics are you looking for? If you need the Agent state information (Available, Talking, Not Ready, etc), that should be available in the Agent Real Time or Agent Team Real Time reports built into the system. The Skill Group statistics are available already in Skill Group Real Time reports.


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Hi James,  I need a pull a

Hi James, 


I need a pull a report in CUIC which is getting viewed by Supervisor in CSD. I have attached the screenshot i have marked a reactangle in green color for which i need a report definition. Please do needful.

In UCCE, you won't find all

In UCCE, you won't find all of those statistics available for reporting. From what I see on your screenshot:

  • Logon Time - this is available in Agent Real Time reporting.
  • Calls Presented/Handled - You can get Handled counts up to the previous half-hour interval using Agent Historical reports. A "Presented" total would be a combination of Answered, Abandon Ring, and RONA for the agent.
  • Max Talking - This is not in any UCCE reports I've seen. Getting this data would require a custom report on the Termination_Call_Detail table, and would not be trivial to get.
  • Average Talking - Average Inbound Talk Time is quite easy to calculate from HandledTalkTime and CallsHandled in Agent Historical reporting.
  • Total Talking - There are a few different TalkTime fields in Agent Historical reporting.
  • Max Ready - This would not be in any existing UCCE reports... the only way I can think of to get this data from CUIC reporting would be to enable Agent State Trace on agents and report on the Agent_State_Trace table. Not an easy report to build, and quite resource-heavy to enable Agent State Trace on many agents.
  • Avg Ready - Like "Max Ready", not easy to get, and for the same reason.

I don't know what other fields are on that summary screen, as I don't have a CSD install here to reference.

The reason so many of these fields are not available is due to the data coming from different sources. CAD likely assembles all of that data for you, based on live data received from CTI Server. Meanwhile, CUIC gets all of its data from the AW/HDS databases. Perhaps UCCE 10.5 Live Data reporting will fill some of these gaps... I don't know.

Why do you need to replicate this as a CUIC report?


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Hey,You have the standard


You have the standard report definitions in CUIC which fulfill your needs. Try checking Agent Skillgroup Real time and Agent Team Real Time reports under stock reports.



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