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Agent Wrap-up / Reason codes not available

We are using CUCM 9.1.2 , UCCX 9.0.2 . Several agents are able to use the wrap up , reason codes on their phone , several are not presented with the wrap up code option on the phone display . The agents are logging in on their phones , not using CAD .

Doing a stare and compare , all phones , agents and profiles appear to be setup the same , all use 7945 model phones , but for some reason , a few of the agents can’t use the wrap-up / reason code options .

Can anyone suggest a reason the wrap-up  / reason codes are not available on some of the phones ?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions .


Hello- Are these new agents



Are these new agents or were they existing agents?  Did you verify the Work Flow Group was set properly?



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These are new agents , new

These are new agents , new phones that were added after the initial installation of the system . Each agent profile , each new phone , etc all look exactly like the other agents that are able to use the wrap up / reason codes . I have also disabled and enabled the wrap up / reason codes in the workflow admin , still not working . These are new agents that have been added to and existing work flow , existing skillsets . I'm hoping that this is just some sort of configuration error during the setup of the new agents but we just don't see any differences between the agents that work and the agents that don't .


I would try this:1) Change

I would try this:

1) Change which WFG the affected agents are associated with.

2) Have the agents log out.

3) Have the agents log back in.

4) Change the WFG back to the correct one.

5) Have the agents log out.

6) Have the agents log back in.


You could just do this with one agent to test before trying on the rest of them.



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DJ ,thanks for the reply. I

DJ ,thanks for the reply. I tried your suggestions , still not able to code the calls . We are going to open a TAC case with Cisco , let them figure it out . If/when they resolve , I'll post the resolution .

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Hi Bart,Just to understand

Hi Bart,

Just to understand the scenario correct and verify if there are no issues with the UCCX services as such, I would test the following:

Instead of using the wrap up data at the work flow group level, I would create a global wrap up data and set it up.

Have the agents re-login. If it populates the value for the new agents, then yes it indicates a most likely configuration issue with the new workflow created.

If not, then it is mostly and issue with the UCCX Desktop Services and yes the TAC case should be the only option then.

Let me know how it goes.



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Hey Bart - curious what you

Hey Bart - curious what you found for a resolution for this -- I'm hitting the same issue and the stare and compare isn't working for me either!

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