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Agents in multiple CSQ answer calls they are more skilled at ignoring the l

Is there a way in IPCC Express 4.0.4 to allow agents to be in multiple CSQs and servicing calls they are more skilled at rather than the CSQ that has the longest holding caller?

Picture this

Agent A has SkillA(5) SkillB(10)

There is 1 caller in skill A who has waited 5 minutes.

There is 1 caller in skill B who has waited 30 seconds.

Agent A goes ready. Currently after testing Agent A will always get the person waiting in the CSQ with skill A because that person was holding the longest. I want it where it picks the call that has only been holding for 30 seconds since that agent has a higher competency level in that skill.

Is this possible or does anyone know of a workaround?

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Re: Agents in multiple CSQ answer calls they are more skilled at


The short answer is: no, this is not possible.

The key question here is, what is the purpose of 1 agent being in multiple skill routed CSQs if you want agents to answer the longest waiting contact over all CSQs?

Can you explain a bit more on your setup (number of CSQs, number of Agents, how skills are set and what ou try to achieve)?

This will help the community to better answer your question.

Thanks and kind regards,


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Re: Agents in multiple CSQ answer calls they are more skilled at

Caller 1

CSQ: Sales

Hold time: 30 Seconds

Caller 2

CSQ: Customer Service

Hold time: 10 Minutes


Skill: Customer Service Competency: 5

Skill: Sales Competency: 10

In this situation the Agent has multiple skills and different competency levels for each one. There are 2 callers on hold at this time. The caller in CSQ Customer Service has been holding the longest but the Agent is more competent in CSQ Sales which has a caller that has not been holding as long as the one in CSQ Customer Service. Currently IPCC Express routes the caller that has been holding the longest which would mean the Agent would get the caller in CSQ Customer service first. What I want it to do is route the caller in CSQ Sales first because the Agent is better at those types of calls. This will allow him to help that person faster and possibly move on to the Customer Service call.

I don?t know any better way of explaining it.


Re: Agents in multiple CSQ answer calls they are more skilled at

Allright, so you have 2 CSQs and 1 agent, and your goal is to have contacts in CSQ Sales handled first (in all cases).

In this case it would be better to have only 1 CSQ with just two JTAPI triggers. Then configure a script to take the ANI (called number) and use this to set a higher priority, something like this

CSQ1: Genenal

JTAPI trigger1: 1234 (CS number)

JTAPI trigger2: 2345 (Sales number)

Script should be something like this:

- get contact info (map ANI to local variable calledANI)

- IF calledANI equals 2345 SET priority 2 (default = 1)

- then the normal queuing steps

With this there is just one CSQ (longest available routed, not skilled based) and callers to sales get the higher priority. As a result, they will be first in queue.

Let me know if this is what you need.

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