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agents in multiple queues

don't think this is possible, but here goes: i have several multi-skilled agents. the agents are in multiple CSQs using skills-based routing. once an agent takes a calls in one CSQ, i need that same agent to not loose his place in the other CSQ. without this feature, the agent will not want to be in the special skills CSQ because when he answers a call, he will be bumped to the end of the regular CSQ. i don't want to change the skill level for the CSQ as this will just send an unfair amount of calls to the agent.


Re: agents in multiple queues

If you have the agents in the same resource group, you could try having the "regular" queue using the Resource Groups selection Model(not skills), then using linear as the selection criterea.

I *think* linear will preserve the original queue order, but haven't actually tried this and the documentation is kind of fuzzy on how it exactly works. You could also use circular, as that would go around to a random agent and make things a little more fair at least.


Re: agents in multiple queues

Agents are not placed in a specific order in the handling of a CSQ in a manner that you need. The selection only happens when a contact is in queue, one or more agents are available, and the selct resource step selects the best skilled agent (in case of skill based routing like you do).

Only thing I can think of is to ensure your agents have the same skill level within each CSQ. As soon as there is a tie on skill levels, it will select the longest available.

Otherwise, it indeed seems you need resource group based routing, rather then skill based.



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