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Agents logged on count

Hi All,

I am trying to calculate how many agents are logged on at particular time say 9:00 am, 9:15 am etc.

Could anyone please let us know if there is any way from HDS database or any other source we can find this information.

At the moment, I am calculating manually by taking the screenshots of CUIC which we customised to display real time information . If we dont take screenshots , we are going to loose the real time information . Hence is there any way so that we can get this from any other source.

Your comments are highly appreciated.





Agents logged on count

You simply could query the Agent_Real_Time table and determine what's going on with your agents based on the value of their agent state. The ucce database schema doc details what the agent state values are.

This might not really help you... but maybe you can take this query and run with it


aed.DateTime, ag.PeripheralNumber AS LoginID, ag.EnterpriseName AS Agent


Agent ag

join Agent_Event_Detail aed on aed.SkillTargetID = ag.SkillTargetID

join Skill_Target st on ag.SkillTargetID = st.SkillTargetID

where aed.Event = '1'

and (aed.LoginDateTime between '2014-01-27 07:00:00.000' and '2014-01-27 09:14:59.999')

Order By aed.DateTime


Agents logged on count

Assuming you're running UCCE on 2008 R2, the other option you have is to log onto your CUCM PG, launch Performance Monitor, expand Performance (Local) > Monitoring Tools > Performance Monitor, right click Performance Monitor and go to properties. You should see the Performance Monitor Properties window appear - click on the Data tab and remove any counters that's in there. Once the counters are clear, click Add, look for Cisco ICM OPC and expand it; you'll see a lot of counters that you can add, but in this case you'll want to add Logged-In Agent Count and click Add >>

You'll probably see this displayed as a line graph, however, you can change this to a real-time report by clicking CTRL+G a couple times - this will change from line graph to histogram bar to a readable report.

This is equivalent to running this query against the awdb


FROM Agent_Real_Time

WHERE AgentState <> 0

Agents logged on count

I've used a similar process with CTIOS, this obviously assumes you're using CTIOS, but similar metrics can be observed from varous components:


New Member

Agents logged on count

I just checked in CUIC on UCCX. Running the agent summary report for a period, even down to a single second, appears to create a record for every logged in agent. You could use the row count to get the number of logged on agents at that time.

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