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All agents unable to change status to READY- UCCX 8.0


We are running standalone UCCX with around 20 agents and all of sudden agent could not change status after login successful. Later system it recovery itself automaticlly without any action.

It happens like 3 times today.

We suspected that UCCX Engine and VoIP MonSVR are in partial service when issue happen and Database Service is OUT OF SERVICE. Restart these service does not bring service in line. We end up to reboot server to bring system stable and all service are in service.

I have attach logs of UCCX Engine and Database. Can someone tell what is the problem is?

Also we suspected that core dump generated prior and after reboot. Coredump is attached.

      Size         Date            Core File Name


  48028 KB   2014-01-10 14:13:36   core.21294.6.FCVoIPMonSvr.1389323616

  90028 KB   2014-01-10 13:40:32   core.23588.11.FCCServer.1389321628

  47688 KB   2014-01-10 14:13:55   core.5177.6.FCVoIPMonSvr.1389323635

1st issue occur is around 1PM, then it recovery around 1:28PM. Then issue re-occurs around 1:33PM. We reboot server around 2:00PM.


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All agents unable to change status - UCCX 8.0

Hi All

I believe we are running into defect CSCts80098 as we can see that EntityDataSource.checkConnectivity is flag as false after purge and issue start occurs.

6392622: Jan 07 11:13:50.562 EST %MCVD-DB_MGR-7-UNK:EntityDataSource.checkConnectivity for AUUCCX1 is true
6392623: Jan 07 11:13:51.577 EST %MCVD-DB_MGR-7-UNK:EntityDataSource.checkConnectivity for AUUCCX1 is true.   ------ >  flag to “true” as original.

6438732: Jan 07 23:59:36.460 EST %MCVD-DB_MGR-7-UNK:EntityDataSource.checkConnectivity for AUUCCX1 is true
6438733: Jan 07 23:59:37.463 EST %MCVD-DB_MGR-7-UNK:EntityDataSource.checkConnectivity for AUUCCX1 is true
6438758: Jan 08 00:00:01.641 EST %MCVD-DBPURGE_MGR-6-INVOKED_PURGE:Invoked
6438759: Jan 08 00:00:01.641 EST %MCVD-DBPURGE_MGR-3-Invoking Purge...:Undefined mnemonic 'Invoking Purge...'
6438815: Jan 08 00:01:02.558 EST %MCVD-DB_MGR-7-UNK:EntityDataSource.checkConnectivity for AUUCCX1 is false    ----- >  flag as “false” after purge.

3897: Jan 10 14:12:49.309 EST %MCVD-DB_MGR-7-UNK:Exception in CheckConnectivity for AUUCCX1
3898: Jan 10 14:12:49.309 EST %MCVD-DB_MGR-7-UNK:EntityDataSource.checkConnectivity for AUUCCX1 is false
3899: Jan 10 14:12:50.540 EST %MCVD-DB_MGR-7-UNK:EntityDataSource.checkConnectivity for AUUCCX1 is true    -----> flag as true after we successful rebooting server and all work in order

Restart CCX CVD service or reboot server fixed issue but we dont know how long will it issue come back again.


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All agents unable to change status to READY- UCCX 8.0


Try restarting the CTI service on the call manager once , also whats your call manager version ?



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