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Answer "Q" Calls while agent state in "Not Ready"


Would like to find out is there a way to route the "Q" calls to the agent while the agent state is changed to "Not Ready" with reason code.

My client would like to force the "Q" to those agent which changed to the agent state to "Not Ready" with pre-defined reason code.

As per my understanding, as long the agent state is set to "Not Ready", they will be no way to route the calls to the agents.




Hi,are we talking about UCCX


are we talking about UCCX or UCCE here? What version?

Once I got a similar request, a UCCE customer wanted to do the same thing. If an agent went to a specific NR state (backoffice work or something) it meant the agent is physically there at his desk so he might be able to take some calls. I warned the customer it might mess up historical reports plus it's not best practice to have such "hybrid" not ready states, meaning if one is Not Ready to take the call it means what it means. Anyway, I was sort of forced to do this (see, the customer is always right) so I implemented a simple script that filters out the Agent_Real_Time view in ICM and transfers the call if some conditions are met. You can implement a similar solution but again, it's against the logic of the call center as such.


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Hi Gergely,Thanks for your

Hi Gergely,

Thanks for your reply, your replied is what i thought too. Mine is running on UCCX v9.0.2.

But is it possible for UCCX too?



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Your best option is to enable

Your best option is to enable "Automatic Work" at the CSQ level and the timer set
with it (IF ENABLED), will set the Agent state to "Work" for the amount of
Time defined at the CSQ level.
- After the timer expires, the next state for the Agent will be determined
on the basis of the "Automatic Available" setting for the agent. If
"Automatic Available" is set to "Enabled" at the Resource Level, then after
the Work Timer expires, Agent will go to "Ready" State.


Then change the company policy to "Your Fired" if you dont answer the phones -  No just kidding - but seriously........

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Hi Neal,Thanks for the

Hi Neal,

Thanks for the replied. The supervisor is fine if the agent in the "Not Ready/Work", but he want the calls to be route to the agent while the agent still in "Not Ready/Work"

Current setup is the agent state will become "Ready" once the call completed.

Hope this clarify


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Hi orochi,UCCX will not

Hi orochi,

UCCX will not deliver call to not ready agent . That is for sure . but you can make changes in script and use redirect step to transfer the call to hunt pilot in CUCM and CUCM will transfer that call to Non-IPCC extension of agent


NOTE:- you cannot put IPCC extension in hunt pilot its not supported .





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I have a similar question but

I have a similar question but with a twist.  I am running UCCX 8.5.1 and have a few agents that are reporting that they are delivered a call from UCCX when already on another call that came from IVR.  I spoke to the one agent who stated that her status was not ready while on the previous call and a second call came in.  When she tried to put first call on hold to answer second call, she could not answer it.  She was then flagged with a missed call.

Because we monitor and track missed calls pretty closely, she immediately reported it to her supervisor who stated that she was not the only one, but to open an internal case with me.  I am at a loss as to how this is happening.  We recently dropped maintenance on our UCCX platform to cut costs so now I cannot open a TAC case with out spending $$$


Hi,sorry for not replying


sorry for not replying earlier.

Actually, you can do the following (but again, I am sure you should not): build a proxy service, a simple application that proxies requests between the UCCX script and the UCCX database server. The script would issue a HTTP request to the proxy, and it would filter out the list of agents in a specific not ready state (see the definition of the AgentStateDetail table and also the Resource table) and would send back a neat XML object with the matches, which in turn, would be a list of extensions. You can then transfer the call to the agent.

Another way would be to use the CTI server of UCCX to change the state of the agent to Ready.


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