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Any Free UCCX Script Repositories Out There?

Before got purchased by a training company (or converted to one) it was a great, free repository for scripts.  They are no longer available.  Are there any other good scripting communities out there that upload UCCX scripts for everyone to use?  

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There are the scripts Cisco

There are the scripts Cisco has published on CCO under the Design Guides section of the CCX page. Short of that I haven't seen a good site out there but will be happy to be corrected on this front. A contractual restriction prevents me from offering this myself at the moment.

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Thanks for the heads up on

Thanks for the heads up on the Design Guides section.  I had never noticed those.  It is a small repository but a quality one.  I'm hoping someone else might know of some larger ones.  

This forum is a good

This forum is a good repository for scripting solutions.  While not packaged up in a zip file, I still say it's the number one resource for finding solutions to your scripting needs.

Anthony Holloway

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