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Anyone able to make CVP Error DN work properly?

I know this probably sounds like a silly question, but understand that when using survivability.tcl, that TCL file and service on the dial-peer is what actually plays "critical_error.wav" or the like...  When you are *not* using survivability, CVP sends a REFER to the Originator with the error DN (default is 92929292).

We can see this REFER sent to the originating gateway, and we can even match the pattern to a dial-peer (though it must be configured as a destination-pattern and not an incoming called-number as shown in the documentation)...but we cannot get "cvperror.tcl" and the associated "cvperror" service to actually work.

So after fruitless searching, I'm convinced that this might not actually work at all, or I'm missing a configuration setting somewhere (I'm hoping that is the case, actually).

Can anyone actually tell me they have a system that shows the error DN being passed to the gateway, matching the dial-peer with configured service, and actually calling cvperror.tcl to play the critical_error.wav?

The second part is, if the answer is "yes", are you using survivability and/or CUPS as a SIP Proxy?


- Bill

- Bill
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Re: Anyone able to make CVP Error DN work properly?

I just played with this and it works correctly.

1. I removed the survivability service from my pots dial peer.

2. I made the script do a send to vru, then return the label. In my case, it's 72727272

3. I have a dial peer for it.

4. I hear the message.

I see an INVITE on the gateway, not a REFER

001466: *Aug  4 21:15:10.915: //-1/xxxxxxxxxxxx/SIP/Msg/ccsipDisplayMsg:


INVITE sip:72727272@;transport=udp SIP/2.0

Via: SIP/2.0/TCP;branch=z9hG4bK3lhEhOxpAaYovFPgYT76hA~~84

Max-Forwards: 68

To: <72727272>

From: 4082521112 <4082521112>;tag=ds8184d626

Call-ID: B8EADE509F6511DF804D00131AA41870-128097062635226@


Content-Length: 250

Contact: <4082521112>

Expires: 60

User-Agent: Cisco-SIP-CVP/7.x

I do have " incoming called-number"

dial-peer voice 72727272 voip

description CVP - SIP error

translation-profile incoming BLOCK

service cvperror

voice-class sip rel1xx disable

incoming called-number 72727272

dtmf-relay rtp-nte h245-signal h245-alphanumeric

codec g711ulaw

no vad

I know it's running the cvperror service, because with "debug voice application tclcommands" I can see the following:

001567: *Aug  4 21:21:59.259: //345//PACK:/tcl_MediaObjCmd:  media play leg_incoming flash:critical_error.wav

001568: *Aug  4 21:21:59.259: //345//PACK:/tcl_MediaPlayObjCmd:  play leg_incoming flash:critical_error.wav

Survivability is off and it's working fine. It's a bit like RINGBACK.

I tried changing the dial peer to use destination-pattern 7272727272 and NOTHING HAPPENS!!

No message. Put back - message.