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Anyone successfully integrated Nortel Contact Centre 6 with ICM 7.2.7 PG?

We have an ICM system currently running ICM 7.2.7 at the CICM, with an ICM 7.2.7 symposium PG which we are trying to integrate with a Nortel CC6 call centre system.

The CC6 system has successfully acquired the agent handsets from the meridian 1 ACD connected to it.

I have downloaded and installed the CC6 SDK files for HDX, RSM and RTD from Nortel and installed these on the PG (using ANSI option for HDX and RTD SDK installers) and have edited the registry to update the NINameServer entries in the SDK as per the cisco documentation. I have also run the Nicomsetup executable in the SDK and this has successfully completed.

However when I start up the PG processes, the PIM initially goes Active (HDX registers OK along with RTD) but then shows messages that the RTD DLL lost connection to the RTD server on the CC6 machine (background network pings show no lost packets). This RTD DLL then reestablishes connection by itself for a while before OPC decides to shutdown and restart the PIM , the whole cycle then repeats.

I have rebooted both the PG and the symposium server but doesn't make any difference.

New to symposiums so probably something I have missed on the CC6 system.

Anyone managed to get these successfully integrated, if so what things resolved the issue?

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Re: Anyone successfully integrated Nortel Contact Centre 6 with


I'm wondering if you ever got this working.  I am currently experiencing a similar issue integrating with ICM 7.5.6.

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