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AQM query on Desktop recording

Hi All

I have a query regarding desktop recording

My setup has:

AQM : version 8.5.2

UCCX :vesion 8.5

cucm :version 8.5

AQM is not integraded with the AD and as per i am aware of for desaktop recording we need to assign a windows login in the AQM administrator for every agent .

Now in my case it is not integratewd with AD hence i can't use AD credential and if i use the Local windows mchine credential then i have to manually put is for every users which will cause issue during configuration.

My question is

1. Is there any other method i can do that without asking the user to share his/her windows machine credential,Is there a way so that i can create a common account in each machine say admin and give it a privelege for the desktop recording service and use the same common"admin" account in the AQM for every users.

If this is not possible is there any other alternate way to do that .



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AQM query on Desktop recording


AQM needs to know the windows username of each user, as this is what ties the calls that are recorded back to a particular user when you are searching for calls etc.

If you had the same account for each user, it would appear that all calls were made by the same agent... so no, it's not really possible. The desktop software also detects who is logging on to the PC console, so it's not a matter of changing the account the service runs as.

You say you are not integrated to AD, but are you not using AD at all for your desktop PC logons?


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Re: AQM query on Desktop recording

We don't have any AD for desktop PC, User uses local account to login ..

How can we use this scenario for desktop recording ....

Is there any option that end user change there Password for Windows from AQM webpage rather then doing it from the Administrator.

Rupam Chakraborty

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