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Aspect ICM 7.0 Integration

I am attempting to get my Aspect hooked up with ICM but I'm having a few problem understanding the Call Variable mapping requirements.

The call is delivered via a TR ok but the datalink request back to the PG is not being understood (I see an error - Dialed number RTE is not configured) I think this is to do with the Peripheral Variable Config parameters but can't be 100%.

The PIM is ok (active) and I can see agent state changes on the Aspect via the ICM.

RCD table shows what I would expect to see eg label is the TR route number and Target Label is the final CCT.

The Aspect is running a 2 step CCT at the moment but this can be moved to a 3 if you recomend that.

Can anyone help?


Re: Aspect ICM 7.0 Integration

The document explains the correct integration procedure for Aspect Contact Server integration with ICM software.

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Re: Aspect ICM 7.0 Integration

Thanks, but I already have that document and it's not clear on what it means in a number of cases.



Re: Aspect ICM 7.0 Integration

Did you ever get this worked out?

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Re: Aspect ICM 7.0 Integration

I believe we did resolve this. From memory there were a number of issues in getting ICM/Aspect working together.

One was ensuring that you used a fully resolved machine name (eg machine name and domain) to define the aspect connection.

The second which I think is the one above was caused by the customer trying to run multiple ICM connections to a single Aspect without properly defining the resources on the Aspect side. Eg multiple ICM connections require a full set of dedicated links/agents/skills/CCT's etc you can't share these resources as if you do the Aspect does not know which link to use to communicate back to ICM.

Hope this helps.

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