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Assign Prompt from string variable recieved from Enterprise Info

We have a customer that would like all their incoming scripts to share a common afterhours greeting.  They want to have a specific menu of options one of which is the hours of operations.  Each of these location's hours of operations could and most likely are different.  I am able to send the value of which "location" was orginally called into the common afterhours script from there I would like to set the afterhours prompt to the appropriate recording.  I know I could do this with a series of IF THEN's but they have over 25 locations that might ring into this common afterhours greeting.  What I would like to be to do is the following:

I am using the CRS editor for this:

Set the Location variable to the result of the Enterprise call info that is recieved.


Press 1 for Something

Press 2 for Something Else

Press 3 for hours of operation

  Is there a way here to simply play a prompt that was "set" by the value of the Location variable?

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Assign Prompt from string variable recieved from Enterprise Info


If you have 25 other scripts each setting this enterprise data to a particular value, why not just play the location dependant part in those 25 scripts, before sending to the common script for the 'generic' treatment that follows?

If you want to play the prompt that matches the ent data, just set a String to the value of the ent data and then use a 'Play Prompt' and put in

varname + ".wav"

In the prompt field.


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