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Assign Skills in a Queue

I have a problem with the skills in a queue, the script has a main menu with any options and each option has a suboptions. I need to route the call for suboptions of the main menu.

The Queues are for Options of the main menu but in the script I don`t know where assign the skill variable depending of the suboptions.

I have an IPCC express version 5.0(2)SR2.


Re: Assign Skills in a Queue

Each CSQ can be configured to use a Resource Group or Resources Skills. If configured to use Skills, you can set the minimuim skills required by the Resources to handle calls from that queue. There is nothing at the script level that deals with skills at all.

Basically, you need to create seperate queues for each of the menu options you have and set each queue to require certain skills.

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Re: Assign Skills in a Queue

Ok, for example, I create five CSQ in the IPCC (one for each option of the Main Menu) and five skills (one for each submenu).

I receive a call, but if all agents in a queue are busy, I want to redirect the call to another CSQ, the agents have only three skills assigned, depending their knowledge of each option of the Main menu. My question is: The CSQ created in the IPCC must have assigned all the skills or only one??

Thanks for your help

Re: Assign Skills in a Queue

OK, 5 CSQ's and 5 skills. Each CSQ has only one skill I assume?

The question is what to do when all agents in one CSQ are busy (note: in skill-based routing, an agent is not assigned to a queue; when I say that all agents in the CSQ are busy, I mean that all agents that have the minimuim skills required by the CSQ are busy.) Which queue should the calls be routed to? One option would be to give every agent every skill, at differing levels and make the selection criteria to be most skilled. Then you would not need to route the calls to different CSQ's; every agent could answer every queue.


Re: Assign Skills in a Queue

If all agents are busy in CSQ1, then you could place calls in Queue and play music or annoucement. You could also route the call to Voice mail if all agents are busy. You could also do backup CSQs which means you could setup threshold in CSQ and then use If statement to see if that threshold met, you could dequeue calls from first CSQ and send it to second CSQ. Keep in mind, when the call goes to second CSQ,it will be served after all calls in CSQ2 are served. However, you could use Set Priorty to increase the priority of the call so that it could be served earlier than other calls in CSQ2.

Good luck.

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Re: Assign Skills in a Queue

Thanks for your help, I have another question.

In my script I have 8 options in the main menu and each option have 5 suboptions.

Is it a valid option to create a CSQ for each option of the submenu and this for each option of the main menu??


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