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Assistance with nested Applications in UCCX 7

Hi there

We have several aplpications on the UCCX 7 platform for our continental sales teams.

The Managers have now asked that if for example no agent with "Spanish" as a skill answers the inbound Spanish sales line, it roles over to the next available continental rep.

The two ways i can think of doing this is

In the Script, have several Select resource steps, all pulling from different CSQ.


1. Create a new Script: Continental Cover

2. Create a new CSQ Continental Cover

3. Assign All resources a below 5 Skill level for this CSQ

Any advice would be much appreciated

thanks guys!


Re: Assistance with nested Applications in UCCX 7

You can do that or

You simply have your agents skilled with spanish and other skills.  Route your calls and look select resource based on skill higher the skill they get the call first.  It does not matter what CSQ as long as you are skilling and targeting for skills based routing

hope that helps,


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Re: Assistance with nested Applications in UCCX 7

Do you want a delay or threshold before it rolls over to other agents? Example: Holding for two minutes.

If not, then you can just add the other reps into the existing CSQ skill at a lower competency level. If all of the more preferred agents are unavailable, these agents will immediately be offered the contact.

If you do, then you can queue the contact to a second CSQ and skill within the existing script. You would do this by adding a second Select Resource step within the queued branch of the first Select Resource step. This would be added at such a point that the threshold has been met, likely inside an If step. Once second Select Resource step is executed the contact will be waiting in both CSQs. The Queued branch of the second Select Resource step would become your queued loop at that point so you need to ensure the appropriate steps are copied into it.

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Re: Assistance with nested Applications in UCCX 7


We have a simlar issue here where we want to delay/threshold a call for a certain skill level, then after a certain amount of time be able search for any skill. The method you suggest is by using 2 CSQs within the application. This is fine, but from a reporting perspective its messy.

Is there a way to do this routing by delay/skill without combining 2 CSQs?

For example in Zeacom I understand you can combine delay with priority.


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