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Audio encoding in UCCX Document step


When using the “Recording” step in UCCX 8.5, the audio is saved to a variable from “Document” type, and seems to be encoded to a sort of string.

In order to send this audio to an external application we should understand the encoding method so we can decode it.

From analyzing the string we came to conclusion that it has been URL encoded, but decoding it accordingly brought us a scrambled piece of audio.

Any assistance will be much appreciated.




Audio encoding in UCCX Document step

The Recording step allows you to record an audio segment from the caller and return it as a Document object that can, for example, be uploaded as a spoken name, saved to disk or to a database, or e-mailed.

The system defines all recordings as Document objects with a RIFF header of type WAVE and encoded using G711 u-law format.

Even though it is saving the recording to a Document variable, the recording itself should be a .wav file in CCITT (u-law) 8-kHz, 8-bit, mono format.  Mu-Law is the standard codec (compression/decompression) algorithm for pulse code modulation (PCM) from the Consultative Committee for International Telephone and Telegraph (CCITT).

This document should be able to help out.

Page 156 (section 5-28) talks about the recording step.

Page 144 (section 5-16) talks about the u-law format

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