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Automatic change skill of agent

Hi! Can I automatic change skill or competence level of agent?


Automatic change skill of agent


Could you please explain in more detail about how you are planning to do it automatically?

As far as UCCX Admin task goes, it can be acieved through RmCm->Resources and change it for specific skills or Assign Skills page for bulk skill changes to Agents.

Hope it helps.


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Automatic change skill of agent

If the queue is more than 10 people I want to automatically add additional skill of agents or to change the competence level of agents.

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Automatic change skill of agent


UCCX doesn't have the capability to programatically change skill assignments, it can be done only manually through AppAdmin.

Within the script you can check the queue depth (using a Get Reporting Statistic step) and then queue the call to an additional, preconfigured CSQ that has extra agents already logged in. All that has to be set up in advance though.

In my opinion UCCX needs an API for modifying the skills setup so that this sort of scenario can be dealt with effectively. You'd have to submit a feature request if you think that would be useful.


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Automatic change skill of agent

Then call in additional CSQ served at the new (and free) agents earlier than call in the main CSQ, that's the problem.

Automatic change skill of agent

Hi Irina,

As far as I know its not possible, may be I am wrong here.

The changes in the Agent Skills \competency levels has to happen through UCCX Appadmin->RmCm page, but your requirement is kind of conditional check through script and based on the outcomes dynamic changes are needed at the skill\competency levels.

May be some experts in the community can give inputs here



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