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New Member

AvgRouterDelayQ & AnswerWaitTime

UCCE 9.0.3


We use Whisper and are about 1 or 2 seconds wav files.

Bucket Intervals are: 3; 5; 10; 15; 20; 25; 120; 300; 600

The attached file is an output from the Call_Type_Interval table and shows the results of three calls. In the first interval two calls were sent to the Call_Type

– in both cases the agent was in a Ready state so the call would be answered immediately, the first call went straight through by simply pressing 1,1 to fast track through the IVR, the second I listened to the whole IVR message. In both cases the calls were answered immediately after the Whisper message and both were in service, but there was an AnswerWaitTime of 6 seconds (ave 3 secs per call) when there should have been 0. In the bucket intervals both calls fell into the first period up to 3 seconds as expected. In the second interval another call was sent to the Call_Type but this time the agent was in Not Ready for 3 seconds after the call was delivered. In the case the AnswerWaitTime was 7 seconds so 4 seconds about the Agent Not Ready element even allowing for a small mistake in me coming out of Not Ready to take the call - so there is still 3 seconds again unaccounted for in the AnswerWatiTime. In the bucket Period the call is answered in the third bucket when I would have hoped for the first bucket or at worst the second bucket.


1. Can you confirm where the Whisper sits in the call handling (I thought it is the in the HandleTime),

2. What causes AvgRouterDelayQ & AnswerWaitTime exactly please?

3. Is this delay occurring before or after the call is allocated to the _Q Call_Type where we are measuring SLA. if it is after then we are being penalised three (3) seconds per call which will place calls answered between 22 and 25 seconds from delivery out of service when they were in fact in service.

4. DB guide says AnswerWaitTime is based on the following: • DelayTime • LocalQTime • RingTime • NetworkQTime AND AvgRouterDelayQ Average delay in queue (in seconds) for calls removed from the Router queue during the halfhour interval. BUT what are and where does the below comes from exactly please: • DelayTime • LocalQTime • RingTime • NetworkQTime • Average delay in queue (in seconds) for calls removed from the Router queue AND What is a RouterQ - its not the VRU Q for sure - and why does it take seconds - it should happen in milliseconds.

5. also if we look at the CTVRUTime & MaxCallWaitTime wherein they are 0 & 3 for Interval1 and 3 & 7 for Interval2. Is there a relationship between AnswerWaitTime & MaxCallWaitTime because these both fields are extra 3 seconds for Interval1 and extra 4 seconds for Interval2.

6. And what waittime does the AnsInterval fields look as for Interval2 got answered in bucket AnsInterval 3 for some reason - cannot relate what exactly it looking at?

Please Assist.

Thanks & Regards,

Kartik Bhatia

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