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awdb historical export backup


Can i take awdb database historical backup any time (even during production hours also)? Will it shoot up database load or CPU utilization high?


Re: awdb historical export backup

Cisco are quite clear about when this should be done. You should stop the processes on the AW/HDS so that replication is not occuring. Then you should make your backup, and restart the ICM processes.

If YOU want to stop your AW/HDS processes during production to allow this backup to proceed, it's not for me to say. I would not; but the logger will replicate the data the HDS has missed while it was off the air, so no real problem.




Re: awdb historical export backup

What Geoff suggests is true for backing up the HDS's historical data.

One would never (ever) need to back up the actual awdb.

It is pointless to back up the awdb, as you would never have reason to restore said backup.

The Admin Workstation Database (awdb) contains configuration, script, and real-time data.  The config & script data is modified whenever there is a config or script insert/update/delete.  For most customers, this happens many dozens of times daily.  The real-time data is refreshed every ten seconds.

If something happens to the AWDB whereby it became corrupted or something, you'd just drop it in SQL, then re-build it by re-running \icm\bin\icmsetup.exe.  When the distributor service is restarted, the updateaw process pulls the current config & script data from the logger, and the real-time feed will be established from the callrouter to get current realtime data. It would therefore be un-necessary to have a backup copy of the awdb.

If you simply want to save off a snapshot of the configuration data (i.e. to set up a lab, or just to have a known good copy of your data), you'd use ICMDBA to export the awdb, or better-yet, the logger's copy of the configuration.  If I was a customer, I'd consider setting up a macro to do this a few times every day.


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awdb historical export backup

Thanks Steve for a methodical explanation. We are in the process of moving AWDB over to different drive and we were advised to delete and recreate the AWDB. We wanted to know if there is any fall back option in the event of a failure and database backup was suggested. However, it doesn't appear necessary since updateaw process will take care of current config from logger and real-time feed will be established from the router.

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