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Backup failed after upgrade IPCCx to 4.03


I have CCM 4.1(3)sr2, IPCCx Enhanced 4.03, BARS 4.0.10, all of them installed on the same server.

I have a problem after upgrade IPCCx from 4.01 to 4.03.

When I'm doing backup with BARS 4.0.10, I have following message:

"[09:57:00 PM] FailureResponse id=2 from Session# 1, pArchiveId={48F60CEB-9D87-

-49CB-B31E-5E0458D19002}, errorCode=UNSPECIFIED_ERROR, statusMe-

ssage=unable to process archive component:

pl.component.cluster.ClusterArchiveComponent; nested exception -

is: Backup is not allowed-

while there is an ongoing Patch, which was started by _ccbu_bu-

ild at Wed Jun 07 22:13:48 CEST 2006

[09:57:00 PM] Message received = FAILURE RESPONSE

[09:57:00 PM] Failure response received - 433


[09:57:00 PM] Error: unable to process archive component:

mpl.component.cluster.ClusterArchiveComponent; nested exception-

is: Backup is not allowe-

d while there is an ongoing Patch, which was started by _ccbu_b-

uild at Wed Jun 07 22:13:48 CEST 2006"

When I was doing an upgrade my web browser hang-up with session to BARS server. Then I re-ran upgrade procedure and upgrade gone fine. Only backup not work.

What can I do with this ? Re-install IPCC or BARS ?



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Re: Backup failed after upgrade IPCCx to 4.03

Hi Jarek,

It almost sounds like you are running into this bug first found in 4.0 (1);

CSCsc26789 Bug Details

Headline Restore Procedure When BARS Server Is Installed in the CRS Server


The CRS Install Guide documentation recommends that BARS Server is installed in a machine that is not the CRS/CCM machine that is being upgraded, restored or patched. However, in the case where this is not possible, and BARS server has to be installed in the CRS machine, the Restore operation will have to be run twice for the CRS upgrade/restore/patch to complete, because the reboot that is required by the installer in the middle of restore operation would abruptly kill the BARS process running in the same machine. An example of this case is where the customer only has one MCS server for CRS, CCM, and BARS to run. Currently, this is not documented in the install guide.


BARS server is installed in the same machine as the CRS server that is being upgraded, restored, or patched.


When the system comes back up after the installer reboot(s), the Administrator has to restart the BARS Admin page. From BARS Admin, re-initiate the restore using the same archive file that was previously used in the first restore.

BARS would mistakenly think that there is an active process (since the registry flag was not cleared when machine got rebooted), and it will show "A backup or restore process is in progress, please try again after some time. [Reset Status] ". This message is misleading since there is no need to wait for rerunning the restore again, the user should click the "Reset" button right away and select the same archive that was used before the reboot.

When BARS finishes extracting the archive, it would again show that there is an ongoing activity, and that the user has to click the 'Override' button to continue. The user should click this 'Override' button and continue.

The rest of the restore process is the same as it was documented in the CRS Installation guide

Hope this helps!


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Re: Backup failed after upgrade IPCCx to 4.03

Here is the deal,

When co-resident and doing this upgrade. You MUST run the bars tool on CM1 by going to the Subscriber or another server in your CM group and using IE by typing in http://cm1ipaddress/BARS (I believe that is the address for running the bars tool, but you may need to check with TAC).

The deal here is that you must run the bars tool on the CM1 by browsing to it from another server. If you dont, it will never complete the backup, even though the install looks like it is complete.

So, go to another server and run the bars tool on CM1 through Internet Explorer and then run either backup or restore and try to get it to complete the backup.

For further info, try checking the install guide for 4.0.4 page 7-30. I just did a co-resident upgrade last week and the guide never tells you to do it differently, but TAC did when I called them...hehe

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