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Backups Of ICM Logger

I am doing a project for a client that wants to perform nightly backups of the ICM Call Logger using a backup tool. Does anyone know of any backup software that is supported by Cisco to use on the Logger other than backing up to a DAT tape drive.

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Re: Backups Of ICM Logger

The 7.0 BOM says,

"NAS (Network Attached Storage) or SAN (Storage Area Network) products have not been qualified by Cisco for use with the ICM and IPCC applications. These applications are qualified and tuned for optimal operation on a dedicated storage solution. NAS or SAN solutions are typically deployed in a shared environment where non-ICM/IPCC enterprise

applications are contending for storage access, and it becomes extremely difficult to appropriately size the system or troubleshoot the application in the event faults result from disk I/O and other resource contention. If the NAS or SAN storage deployment is suspected of affecting the functions of the contact center solution, the customer will be required to deploy an approved storage solution Alternatively, Cisco can defer the problem to the system integrator or storage product vendor. Backup device option decisions are left to the end customer; no backup products are explicitly qualified by Cisco.


For performance reasons it is recommended that backups be performed outside of business hours or during periods of lowest activity. Cisco does not provide recommendations for specific backup devices or products, but internal and other direct-attached devices may have restrictions on what platforms they are compatible with. Consult your hardware vendor to determine options for internal or external storage."

With that clear message we're left to our own, umm, devices as it were.

I can't say that we've ever had a problem with any of the mainline backup software applications out there (every customer tends to present something new). It can't take single ownership of the Db and you should avoid the 00:30 and 04:30 maintanence events on the Logger. Logger Db uptime is paramount to a speedy backup.


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