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basic questions CRS

hi, i have these questions:

1.when an agent is talking, the supervisor could record the conversation, so the supervisor starts the records, and then when he is going to check the record, he does not heard anything...why?

2. How can i change the home page in the web browser of an agent? by default is the I change in the supervisor and it work fine, but not in the agents.


Cisco Employee

Re: basic questions CRS

1. This is usally due to a VoIP Monitoring setup issue to the Recording server. You will have to review the below document and make sure your setup is compliant.

VoIP Monitor Server 4.2 Best Practices Configuration Guide

2. Please review page 71 in the below guide under the section titled "Setting Up the Home Page".

Re: basic questions CRS

1) This can be as simple as your CSR pc needs to be plugged into the agent phone as it taps into that for voice recording.

If that does not solve it please do review the document as the other poster suggested

2)Agents can't change the default page but a supervisor or administrator can using the workflow. So you need to launch desktop administrator/workflow administrator/workflowgroups/CAD agent/userinterface

Then set your desired url site etc for all CAD users.

Please rate if it helps.



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