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Blind Conference feature for CAD agents (UCCX)


I am planning to use BLIND CONFERENCE feature in CAD. Basically customer requirement is to play a pre-recorded message to the customer after agent has answered the call. Here is what I am planning to do-

  • Create an application, script and have recorded prompt there in UCCX (This application has trigger 1111)
  • Go to CAD administrator, workflow configuration, and assign a TASK 1 button for this agent
  • Add action to TASK 1, where I select 'Blind Conference' option and add 1111 as a predefined number

Expected Result-

  • When agent answeres the call, agents pushes TASK 1 button immediately on his CAD. This action brings 1111 in the conference with agent & customer, where agent & customer both hears the prompt
  • once prompt is played, 1111 disconnects and agent continues the normal call with the customer

How does this approach sound? Has anyone done like this before?



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Blind Conference feature for CAD agents (UCCX)

My initial reaction would be to suggest you play the prompt in the AEF script before connecting the call to an agent. For one thing this takes a lot of DSPs to do at any scale not to mention the large amount of call signaling required to setup and teardown the conference bridge. You'll also hear the join/leave tone by the ad-hoc conference bridge though I believe there is either a service parameter or a an IOS command to suppress it.

Yes, it's possible though.

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Blind Conference feature for CAD agents (UCCX)

Hi Jonathon,

Appreciate your reply and recommendation. I initially thought of playing the announcement in AEF script only, however the call flow situation is tricky in this case.

Customer A - German

There are two set of agents and they both have "German Skills", where one agent speaks only english and other one German.

When customer A calls up and expects a German speaking agent, what happens is, an english speaking agent answers the call. Now what this agent will do, answer the call and greet customer in english, which customer most likely cant understand. CAD displays that this agent is German customer.Then english agent brings "Translator person" in the conference to facilitate the conversation and three people (English Agent, Translator & Customer) talk together. In the end, this turns out to be a bad customer experience because customer is kept on hold while agent conferences the translator and customer has no idea whats happening with the call in the background.

In this case, if I add an anoouncement in AEF, then if German customer is answered by German Agent...he will also hear this prompt which he is not supposed to hear.

Hope this piece of information will help to figure out a most viable solution.


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Blind Conference feature for CAD agents (UCCX)

Here's how I would solve this:

  • Create an XML file with the agents that are English-only (or the inverse) and put this in the doc repo.
  • Change Select Resource to Connect = No; the Connected branch will change to Selected
  • Use the Get User Info step to figure out which person the User-type veriable is.
  • Use Get XML Document Data to XPath search the document for a match.
  • If there is a match, play the prompt advising the contact.
  • Use a Connect step to get the agent.
  • Extra credit:
    • Use enterprise data to tell CAD that you need a translator
    • Create a workflow and attach it to the answered event that conferences the translator in

The risk to this approach is that the first agent doesn't actually answer the call (i.e. offer vs. handled). If that happens, there two potential issues that you would need to plan for:

  1. The caller may get told (in German) that the agent they're about to be connected with doesn't speak German and will be adding a translator. The next agent may actually speak German though. There's not a lot you can do about this one.
  2. If you did the extra credit exercise, you would need to be sure that Enterprise Data gets updated to not trigger the workflow action. Obviously, if a German-speaking agent answers the call they don't need to conference a translator in.

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Blind Conference feature for CAD agents (UCCX)

Thanks Jonathon, this certainly helps. Though I will try creating an XML file and using X path query for finding the result, however it will be really great if you can share an example of this logic (AEF script, calling XML from that script etc).

Plus this will also be a manual process of adding agents whenever any new agent comes on board or removal of an agent occurs. Not sure, if this sounds a good idea from operational management perspective.

About extra credit, the suggested approach will not be a desirable solution because translator line is not a direct line because it goes through a IVR/MENU selection which you dont want a customer to hear all that. Additionally once translator comes on line with agent, agent first talks to the translator briefly before they bring customer in the conference.

Thank you very much, hope to hear from you. Happy Holidays !


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