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Building an agent Call Back Line


IPCC Enterprise 7.0

CM: 4.1

CRA: 3.5(3)

I am trying to accomplish the following in a manner that will require the least administration going forward.

One 800 number will ring into a VRU script and be prompted to enter the extension of the agent they want to speak to, caller is then sent to the agent's extension.


If agent is in Talking or Work Not Ready state the call should go voicemail

I'd really prefer not to create a Skill Group for each agent

All ICM data should be passed to the agent (greeting, CED, DNIS, etc...)

I?m currently using a Dynamic label that is being passed CED to accomplish this. This works but agents in Work Not Ready (Wrap up) are getting calls immediately after disconnecting from their previous call and ICM data isn't always passed.


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Re: Building an agent Call Back Line

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Re: Building an agent Call Back Line

This link is for Express, I don't have the same functionality in Enterprise.

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Re: Building an agent Call Back Line

Dynamic labels will deliver the call directly as there is no intelligence in the routing.

I think it's either individual skill groups or Queue to agent node using select by expression and making the expression (consider if) if CED=Exts & agent logged in(etc) then use this agent.

Neither is going to be easy to maintain if you are looking at large numbers or a high turnover.

Also consider your reporting needs, individual skill groups gives different stats to queue to Agent.

I have used both effectively.


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