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Bulk inserts and how ICM assigns the ID

I'm building a lab that should mimic the production environement close to 100% so basically taking a snapshot of everything configured, including routing scripts and "copying" it to the lab. The first concern was to keep all the references exactly what they are in prod (at least what we can) and then filling in any blanks for items that had been deleted, say call types for example. This is mainly so the scripts come over clean and there is minimal mapping of any items so all the scripts come up configured correctly with skills, call types, user variables, etc.  So there would be CT IDs starting at 5000 and going up but missing some in between so they were filled in with a place holder. What I found is that when bulking them in, it loaded them not in the order I had but by the enterprise name and alphanumerical in order. I'm assuming this is a known behavior but before anyone else runs into it....

Just need to confirm that they will be loaded by EnterprseName and in alphanumeric order as well. If so, the thought is to add a digit in front of each name, 1,2,3,etc and once they are loaded go back and remove the number. That way they should have the same ID as in prod and at least minimize the amount of changes and modifications that are needed to be done to the scripts.


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