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CAD 8.5 Dial Strings configuration reset for unknown reason


We need CAD Dial strings to be always set to Variable Length Formatting, but  for some reason( and after some time) it gets reset to the default - North  American Formatting. This is a big problem for this installation, because it stops  recording of agents (due to integration with the recording application)

It does not seem related to when services are restarted, some event or any specific  period. It just happens about once a month, so we have to check it regularly and  fix it in CDA.

Another issue that may affect this CAD configuration is problem when restarting  CAD servers - some services fail to start (Sync and Rascal service - they run as  domain user) and LRM which starts but stays out of service, because of a sync  problem between the two sides. So we need to restart it manually  until they start working again.

It is UCCE 8.5 installation, CAD version 8.5.2

Anybody here that had similar problems or has any idea how to troubleshoot  this?


Milen Stoychev

Community Member

CAD 8.5 Dial Strings configuration reset for unknown reason

There is the reason if somebody has this issue - a really strange bug, that was supposed to be FIXED since CAD 7.5, BUT in fact is present in 8.5.2 - I was able to reporduce it. Details below:

CSCsw45339    Variable Length Dial String gets reset to NA Dial String in  CDA


The radio button for "Variable Length Dial  String" gets reset to "North American Dial String" in CDA DialString  page.


CAD 7.2.

After selecting the  "Variable Length Dial String", go to the PhoneBook page and select some  non-default phone book, and re-click the DialString  page.


Manually go back and set the dial  string after you\'ve edited / viewed the phone books.

Further  Problem Description:


This is fixed in the following  versions:

9.0(1) 8.5(4) 7.6(3) 7.5(10)

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