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New Member

CAD Agent "Not Ready" State after ending the call

Hi everybody,


We have UCCX 9.0.2.

Agents receive calls normally, but if the Agent closed the call first, his state changes to "Not Ready" State. However if the caller was the one who closed it first, the state returns to " Ready".

and at CSD it shows " Not Ready Reason Code 32755 " which is "Call Ended"

Both Wrapup Time and Automatic work are disabled. I wonder if this is the normal behavior, or something went wrong with the configuration.



Mohamed Helmy


Regards, Mohamed Helmy
VIP Super Bronze

It's not normal behavior. Is

It's not normal behavior. Is there an agent/call workflow configured that is doing this?

New Member

Hi Jonthan,I think that I

Hi Jonthan,

I think that I didn't make any change in the default setting. I reviewed Cisco Admin, Cisco Administration Desktop, System parameters and CSQ configuration but i didn't find any field points to this case.



Regards, Mohamed Helmy

All agents have the same

All agents have the same problem?

What happens if the call is internal? one agent calling another, they moved to "not ready" as well?


Rolando Valenzuela.

New Member

Hi Rolando, in case of

Hi Rolando,


in case of internal calls " Non- ACD" , both of them turns " Not Ready", and after disconnect the call, they are back to "Ready" again



Regards, Mohamed Helmy

Like Jonathan said, this

Like Jonathan said, this could be related with the workflow, have you check the script you are using?

I will double check Cisco Desktop Administrator as well.



Rolando Valenzuela.

New Member

Hello everybody,Rebooting the

Hello everybody,

Rebooting the cluster one by one fixed the issue.

thanks for your cooperation.


Regards, Mohamed Helmy
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