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CAD Click-to-dial

Hi All,

I am trying to get the CAD click-to-dial function to work, all the guides that I have read say that the number has to be 10 digits and hyperlinked.

But I have been unable to find any information on what the hyper link is.

If anyone can help out it would be appreciated..



New Member

Re: CAD Click-to-dial

The CAD Internal Browser (in CAD Premium) will automatically detect and hyperlink numbers in a particular format, making them clickable by the agent.

So, if you create a web page with (for example) 800-555-1234 in it, it would show up in the CAD Internal Browser as a hyperlink. When clicked, it would invoke a make call to the number.


The complete section from the CAD 7.2x User Guide (pages 60-61):

Dialing Hyperlinked Phone Numbers

You can dial a phone number displayed as a hyperlink on a web page merely by clicking it.

- The phone number must be 10 digits long and use the North American dial string format:

(3-digit area code)(3-digit exchange number)(4-digit subscriber number)

Shorter numbers, such as local numbers without area codes or phone extensions, cannot be dialed.

- The phone number can have parentheses around the area code, and use any combination of space, hyphen, and period in the phone number.

- The phone number cannot contain alpha characters. For instance, the phone number 800-GET-PZZA cannot be dialed.

- You can dial a hyperlinked phone number only if your are in the Not Ready agent state.

- A dialed hyperlinked phone number will not appear in the Recent Call List in the Dial Pad window.

- The phone number hyperlinks disappear if you refresh the site by right-clicking and choosing the Refresh menu option. To refresh the page without losing the hyperlinks, press F5 or click the Refresh button on the integrated browser toolbar.



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Re: CAD Click-to-dial

Additional info:

You can link your own pages to dial with CAD and your extension.

Use http://*12345 for 7.2 and http://index.htm#*1234 for 7.5


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Re: CAD Click-to-dial

Could we disable the hyperlink function for 10 characters?

When I try to go to some website with 10 characters. It will course problems.

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Re: CAD Click-to-dial


afaik you can disable the function in CDA,


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Re: CAD Click-to-dial

Hi Simon,

Could you disable the cad click-to-dial in CCX 7?  I read the CDAdministrator User Guide 8.0, and I found that it's possible to disable click-to-dial, but the field is missing in CCX 7.


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