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CAD desktop Freezing

Had a user that had a call showing up in Agent Desktop but did not disconnect after she hung up.  She tried high

ligting the call and hitting the drop button but that did not work and ended up closing out of Agent Desktop so she could take calls. Then I had another user same issue and had to close out of Agent Desktop, only when she logged in this morning she still isnt' getting any calls.  Both cases they were in a "Ready" state.  How can I disconnect the calls when CAD freezes and verify that the agents are recieving calls again, or back in the"Ready" state? Are there any known bugs for CAD freezing? we are using  version 6.6.1


Re: CAD desktop Freezing

Yes there is.  Well, technically, the bug is not about CAD freezing, but CAD freezing is a symptom of this bug.

The problem is with CUCM not sending the JTAPI call disconnect event to UCCX, which hoses things up.  You probably have a bunch of stale cotnacts in real time reporting.

Search the forums, it was a huge problem recently with lots of discussion surrounding it.

Is this for UCCX?

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Re: CAD desktop Freezing

Did you ever get a resolution to this issue?  We did a new install and are seeing the same thing.

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