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Cad Desktop Monitoring and Recording

Good Afternoon,I am working on a new project which has an ipcc enterprise 7.5 with Cad Premium version.I am a newbie to CAD and had some doubts.The requirment is for Call Monitoring and recording.We have multiple sites covering the other one during the non business hours.The recording and monitoring is a requirment at both sites where Supervisor at each location will do that.Few  doubts which i have are.

1 Which one Desktop Monitoring or the Span based monitoring will be best suited for this requirment.

2  The SRND says for Desktop Monitoring that the monitoring software sniffs the packets from agent desktop and send it to the appropriate software for decoding.I am still not clear on this.

Is the monitoring sw the one which is installed on the CAD server itself?

3 Were will the files recorded by the supervisor be stored can i point it to the location where i need.

Any protocol level flow explaining both the monitoring services will be helpful.


Re: Cad Desktop Monitoring and Recording

The built-in CAD recording tool is meant as an on-demand service with relatively light use. It is not meant to be a full fledged recording solution. You are very limited in controlling how recordings are stored and how they can be accessed. If your customer has a need for a fully featured automated recording solution then they will need an additional third-party solution.

When using desktop monitoring, the CAD agent desktop sniffs traffic off of the agent's NIC and forwards the voice packets to the CAD server. With SPAN monitoring, traffic is SPAN'ed at the switch level and is forwarded directly to a CAD monitoring server.

Recordings will be stored on the CAD monitoring server.

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