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CAD - Desktop Monitoring Console

Hi All,

We are tried to monitor the CAD server using "CAD Desktop Monitoring Console" .  

We configured the snmp community "public" & restart the snmp service as mentioned in the CAD installation guide.

I am getting the snmp timeout error while accessing the console.Please help on this.


Thanks in Advance !!!




what is the version of CAD

what is the version of CAD you use?




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Hi Chintan,Thanks for your

Hi Chintan,

Thanks for your reply. CAD version is 8.5(2a) . One more observation in CAD server ( Agent PG) "snmp service" is disabled . I tried once to enable it but automatically  disabled again.

Hi, there are 2 SNMP's to



there are 2 SNMP's to consider here

1) cisco snmp (when you install any UCCE software, cisco SNMP gets installed and it disables windows snmp)

the service is named as Cisco Contact Center SNMP Management, this service will disable windows snmp as both can not run together.

Cisco SNMP is very useful in probing contact center related objects and traps. and its configured by utility called mmc.exe(you will not find anything in properties of service).

run--> mmc.exe --> file --> add and remove snap ins --> cisco SNMP snap inns

there is full proof cisco document for this


2) widows SNMP

this is generally used for probing general OS related objects and data.

in case of UCCE deployments this will be always disabled and can not run parallely with Cisco snmp as port conflict will happen.



in your case CAD 8.5(2a) still does not support Cisco SNMP and has to rely on Windows SNMP for object discovery.

but you have Cisco SNMP is enabled and running so if you enable windows snmp, it will automatically disabled by Cisco SNMP service.


so you can disable Cisco contact center SNMP management and enable and start Windows SNMP service. but i warn you here that all Cisco process related monitoring will not work.

monitoring UCCE objects requires Cisco SNMP service running and should not be disabled.


you have decide now on how you can move forward.





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Hi Chintan, Thanks for your

Hi Chintan,


Thanks for your reply. As per CAD installation guide if CAD is running Agent PG we can the Cisco SNMP service itself.

Could please suggest for any other things we need to check apart from this.

 "When CAD is running on a PG, Cisco SNMP Agent Management service must be
enabled and the Microsoft SNMP service must be disabled. The Microsoft SNMP
service and the Cisco SNMP Agent Management service cannot simultaneously be

Thanks in Advance.....

i think that is not

i think that is not applicable in your version 8.5, what install guide you read?




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Hi Chintan,I read in CAD 8.5

Hi Chintan,

I read in CAD 8.5 installation guide only. 

I also had a look at

I also had a look at installation guide for CAD 8.5,

if you look at page 139, it says how to configure Desktop Monitoring Console and only covers windows SNMP.


but if you take a look at guide for CAD 10.0


page 148 shows how to configure Desktop monitoring console, and there they have separately mentioned Cisco SNMP configuration.


so lets try to make it work with cisco SNMP. please follow this steps and see if it works.

1) on the both side of CAD server, got to Run and type mmc.exe if you are using 64 bit OS, you have to run mmc.exe /32

a console will pop up with console root

2) go to file --> add/remove snap-in

3)in the snap in click on ADD button and from list of snap ins add Cisco SNMP Agent Management.

once you add successfully, click ok and

now in your console root, you will be able to see Cisco SNMP managemnet agent.

4) explore agent by clicking + sign and under community names right click and go to properties

5) click add new community , under community name give public (case sensitive all small) and select SNMP version as v2c and access rights as read only.


6) go to CAD postinstall.exe and under SNMP configuration, add at least one trap destination.


7) restart Cisco SNMP management service.

open your browser and check if console is working or not. and rate post if helps. 






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