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CAD Integrated Browser Question

Got a customer on IPCCX5 that's looking at using Integrated browser to launch an internal URL and append the Session ID and ANI. The path is something like:



Looks like when I launch that URL from IPCCX locally, it requires authentication - user/pwd. Will this be an issue if the agents authenticate on their own PCs anyway? If so, is the only option to go with Macros to launch the IE locally and fill in the URL path or can I somehow authenticate to that customer's server?


Re: CAD Integrated Browser Question

The workflow engine is not that bright - it just does what you tell it to. Take that string above, copy it into notepad and walk over to an agent PC. Paste that string in a browser. What happens?

If it wants one-time authentication, but will then work off a session cookie, you are golden.

If it wants authentication each time, and it's an in-house solution, ask if there are query string arguments you can use.

It's going to be a bit of a hack, but you probably can make it work. What is that session ID above?



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Re: CAD Integrated Browser Question

Thanks Geoff. The session ID is actually the Implementation ID off of the Get Contact Info which I understand equates to the Global Identifyer in CCDR in CM, right? They basically want to be able to tie a call from CM to IPCCX.

For the Browser. they actually have it set up where each time an agent logs into CAD, it also logs into their intranet (this is the authentication portion that I'm running into in the IPCCX server). If I understand it correctly from your statement, does that mean even though it might not work on the "testing" in the IPCCX server itself but it should technically work in the agent's PC?

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