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CAD Login error


Customer is not able to access to his CAD when he connects his IP Phone to Local network (changing adapter settings under Preference). It gives "Unknown error from CUCM, you may have entered incorrect id & pwd or extension number"

But when he connects his IP Phone on wireless network, he is able to connect his CAD.

I am trying to access with his credential on my system, when i am connected remotely thru VPN , then i am able to login with no such errors.

I have checked the settings on CUCM, could not find much what i can actually change.

Could you plz suggest me what changes am i suppose to make on CUCM /CAD.


Re: CAD Login error

Sounds like a firewall issue.  Check any firewalls on the network or on the PC.  It is possible they are blocking traffic.

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New Member

Re: CAD Login error


I had checked with the firewall as well, but no firewall config/enabled

Re: CAD Login error

How is the CIPC defined in CUCM?  Is the Device Name using the MAC of the wireless adapter?  If so, change the Device name to use the MAC Address of the Ethernet Adapter or, if you don't need to record the agent, create non-MAC device name.

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