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CAD Server Monitoring?

I am using CAD 9 with UCCE 9.

I am trying to figure out how to configure CAD Server Monitoring - Cannot use Desktop Monitoring as Clients PCs are old and NIC cards are not supported, even the IP Phones are ols and do not have BIB.

So SPAN is the only option. I need some guidance - even a document URK will  do. I have read 'CTI OS System Manager Guide' and also 'CAD Install Guide' but none explains the config. I am confused about below the point:

- SPAN source are the phones - what is the destination - the supervisor PCs or the CAD Server? If the PCs, then do we need a SPAN for each supervisor PC or what?
If SPAN destination is the server, then how will the supervisors get the RTP stream from CAD to their PC - automatically or do we have to configure something specific?

Also, on the CAD Desktop Admin webpage - VoIP Monitoring Service - (see screenshot) do I select Default Monitor Service and Disable Desktop monitoring OR I can leave Desktop Service Enabled and it will not conflict with Server Monitoring.

And if SPAN destination is CAD server - I am planning to add a 3rd NIC card for this, but where do I select the NIC card for receiving/ reading these SPANNed packets?

Please Assist.



UCCE SRND has a littel tid

UCCE SRND has a littel tid-bit about it:


This blog post is for UCCX, perhaps this can guide you in the right direction:

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