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CAD Silent Monitoring in VDI

If we use 7960s and 7962s, with thin clients which connect back to VDI, will silent monitoring work for the supervisors of the contact center? I don't see how since the physical phone would send the RTP stream to the PC port which would contain a thin client and not the actual virtual machine. Please advise...


Hi,is it UCCX or UCCE? If


is it UCCX or UCCE? If UCCE, what is the ICM and CUCM version?




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It's UCCX 7.0.2. Our CUCM

It's UCCX 7.0.2. Our CUCM version is 7.1.5.


The supervisors would need to maintain the ability to silently monitor and record the agent calls.

Okay, I am a bit unsure on

Okay, I am a bit unsure on this, I never had the chance to put my dirty sticky hands on UCCX silent monitoring, but I have a strong feeling that CUCM based monitoring is only available in CUCM 8.x and later.


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The way it works for physical

The way it works for physical (and softp) phones  and desktops is, the voice vlan is spanned from the phone to the workstation. CAD then captures the voice packets with the NIC in promiscuous mode and sends them unicast from the agent PC for monitoring and recording. I believe this is why it's stopped working. The virtual machine is not directly attached and it would be the thin client receiving the packets where they are silently dropped(it wouldn't know what to do with them)  What tool would the supervisors use for CUCM based monitoring and what is involved in setting that up? Could you provide me with more information on this?

Well, actually, CUCM based

Well, actually, CUCM based monitoring works only with UCCE.

Anyway, I downloaded the UCCX 7 SRND and there seems to be another option for you: SPAN-based monitoring.

Take a look at Appendix B of the following document:


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Yeah we discussed that but it

Yeah we discussed that but it's not the route we really want to take with this. We will be upgrading our phone system sometime this year or next to possibly UCCX 9.0. What specific feature of UCCE should I look into that would provide us with the features we are looking to maintain in VDI? Something CUCM based sounds promising!

Hi,please take a look at the


please take a look at the UCCE 8.0 SRND, page 174:

Unified CM accomplishes silent monitoring with a call between the supervisor's (monitoring) device and agent's (monitored) device. The
agent's phone mixes and sends the agent's conversation to the supervisor's phone, where it is played out to the supervisor. Unified CM silent monitoring can be initiated by any of the CTI OS supervisor desktops (out-of-the-box, Java, or .NET). Any Unified CCE agent desktop, including Siebel, can be silently monitored using Unified CM silent monitoring, provided the following requirements are met:
• The agent to be silently monitored is using a Cisco Unified IP Phone 7941, 7942, 7945, 7961, 7962, 7965, 7970, 7971, or 7975, and Cisco IP Communicator 7.0 or later.
• The contact center is using Cisco Unified CM 6.0 or higher (Support for IP communicator requires Cisco Unified CM 6.1(3) or higher).
• Phones are configured to use RTP streams (SRTP streams cannot be silently monitored).
Unified CM silent monitoring does not support mobile agents.
Unified CM silent monitoring supports a maximum of one silent monitoring session and one recording session for the same agent phone.
Supervisors can use any Cisco IP Phone, including Cisco IP Communicator, to silently monitor.

I can confirm CM-based monitoring works way better than the legacy, desktop based monitoring.

In Plain English, the supervisor initiates the monitoring session using the CTI OS Supervisor Desktop tool, his/her phone rings and after lifting the handset, the agent-customer conversation is audible.

The configuration part is not an issue, but it should be noted that the monitoring type is set globaly.

I tried to find a trace of anything similar in the UCCX 9 SRND, but I am not able to see it, unfortunately.



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