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CAD Voice Contact WorkFlow Action

UCCX 9.0.2

Prem Cad Agent

I'm trying to set a CAD Agent / Voice Contact Work Flow / Agent Notification.  I'm having a difficult time understanding the setup of Rules / Variables to trigger the action.  The Data Field shows all the system variables(Called#, Calling#...etc) and also the custom fields I added(DNIS, CSQ...etc)  I can trigger the event if I do a (Calling# - Is not Empty).  So I know the action will work.

Basically I want to perform an action based one of the following variables defined in the script: DNIS, or CSQ

DNIS = 1111

CSQ = Support

Defined Layout: Collections

My script has variables defined for each of these.  How are these variables setup and passed to the CAD agent so that I runs a condition against one of these variables and trigger the defined action.

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CAD Voice Contact WorkFlow Action

How are these variables setup and passed to the CAD agent

The script will have a Set Enterprise Data step within it. If the script is from the 4.x days, this step will be within the Select Resource > Selected branch before a Connect step. In current releases, including 9.x, you can place the step anywhere within the script prior to the Select Resource step.

Take a look at an admittadly old but still mostly relevent response I provided to walk someone through this step within a script:

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