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CAD with IE7 ?

Has anyone got CAD working on a machine with IE7 installed?

Had a machine with XP SP2 and IE7, tried installing CAD 6.1(3) and the installer would not work.

Also, running IPCC Express Premium.

Contacted TAC and they told me to uninstall IE7 and sure enough that fixed the problem.

So wondering if anyone has it working. Also wondering why Cisco did not have this resolved with the release of IE7 considering how long it has been in beta you would think they could have had this resolved and working (new version or update or something) for when IE7 was officially released.


Re: CAD with IE7 ?

I saw this on the cisco-voip mailing list. Does anyone know if this also affects CAD 4.5.7?

New Member

Re: CAD with IE7 ?

Wow. So does that mean CAD won't work on systems running Windows Vista? I like the bug's "resolved" because there's a work around, not because it's fixed in a future version...

I wish I would've stumbled across that entry or this forum entry yesterday...I used keyword searches across this thing and google to help my problem that I posted the answer to today...Cisco really needs to fix this website to make it easier to search...

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Re: CAD with IE7 ?

I could not get CAD to install on a Vista machine due to the whole IE7 issue.

If your desperate to keep Vista and get CAD to work, MS did just release an XP SP 2 image for Virtual PC. Not really practical in my opinion but it might be an option none the less.

So, you could install Virtual PC on Vista "assuming that will work" then load up the XP image and install CAD within that environment possibly.

Totally not practical but I briefly considered it before wiping Vista and putting XP back on. :-)

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